Executive Recruitment

Our Future: Reshaping GCS

Reshaping GCS is a modernisation programme that will enable us to build the best profession possible. The programme forms part of the wider Civil Service reform and will modify, unify and simplify our approach, enabling us to speak to the public with one voice.

The programme will improve the experience of everyone in GCS. By adopting this unified approach, we will break down departmental silos and harness our shared expertise. As with all areas of the public sector, we must be as efficient as possible with our resources. It is right we consider the size of our communication functions, looking at ways to be more effective and making the best use of the taxpayers’ money.

Ultimately, Reshaping GCS will provide a host of benefits to all communicators – from an improved training offer to better career opportunities. It will enable us to deliver fewer, bigger and better campaigns that improve the lives of citizens across all four corners of the United Kingdom.

The programme comprises eight themes, which you can read more about below.

We will:

  1. Raise our standards, developing excellence in communication across all disciplines.
  2. Revolutionise our campaigns, running fewer, that are bigger, better and driven by data.
  3. Create enhanced career opportunities with a clear pathway of progression, as part of a single GCS profession.
  4. Weave diversity and inclusion into the design and implementation of the programme at every stage.
  5. Reach our audiences more directly with our digital capability and rapid response teams.
  6. Deliver a new central leadership team and structure.
  7. Drive efficiency through our campaign single budget, ensuring the best possible value for money.
  8. Optimise our employment approach, while continuing to recruit the brightest and best and better develop our people.